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About Shrusti Ceramics Pvt Ltd

Ceramic frits are vitreous compounds, insoluble in water, obtained by melting and quinching in water with the controlled mixture of raw materials.

Shrusti Ceramics Pvt Ltd is a Gujarat based firm that is actively involved in the manufacturing of various grades of Ceramic Frits. The quality of our products stands unmatched in the market. Shrusti Ceramics is a developing manufacturing company focused on selling high quality base material such Glossy Frits, Satin Matt Frit, High Thermal Engobe frit, Low Thermal Engobe Frit, Titanium Frit, High Glossy GVT Transparent Frit, GVT Base Frit, Opaque Frit and Transparent Frit used in Ceramic Tiles Glaze preparation.

Shrusti Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. aims at manifestation of innovative and technologically advanced ideas by way of measuring current process efficiency and bringing about continual improvements in the same, resulting in enhancement of customer satisfaction level. Situated in Gujarat the engineering Capital of India, Shrusti Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. offers both Manufacturing and Exporting in the field of Ceramic Frit Industries.

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Frits are generally used for, Glaze preparation.The Ceramic industries are the major consumer of the Frit, they are using about 90-94% in their compositions.

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Manufacturing of high quality ceramic frit. import of raw materials like Zircon sand, Borex, Boric acid, Ground Colemnite.